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"The utility should educate the consumer and tell the consumer what they can be doing and what the utility is doing to remedy the issue and conserve energy."

— L.S.T., Topsfield, MA

Audiences respond better to credible data, statistics, and facts when there is an underlying thread, relevant stories, and clear messaging. To the Point specializes in defining distinct sub groups, analyzing material, and synthesizing everything into meaningful contexts that lead to greater understanding without overwhelming people with too much information too soon.



The Implementation Proposal for the National Action Plan on Demand Response (July 2011) directed the National Action Plan Coalition to “develop a message framework with persuasive, adaptable messages aimed at various audience segments, all of which could be tailored by interested local stakeholders.”

To the Point authored the NAPC publication, Communications Umbrella Action Guide, intended to help DR and smart grid stakeholders educate consumers about on new technologies and practices, why they are being deployed, and what the benefits are to them. The Guide is designed to support communications specialists and program managers at utilities, consumer advocacy groups, public service commissions, technology companies and service providers, consultants, and trade groups involved in co-creating a sustainable energy future with consumers. The Action Guide is linked here. 

A January 2012 webinar sponsored by the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid and DOE, added insights to the Action Guide.  The panel discussion and slides for "Different Messages for Different Customers" may be found here.

Video Narratives
Video is a great medium for telling stories, evoking inspiring visions and presenting the voice of the customer so people can identify with the way energy impacts their lives.  The following are sample of the Renewable Reality videos that To the Point has produced. To see more, visit the Renewable Reality channel on YouTube.


As part of the green2growth initiative sponsored by National Grid and the City of Worcester, MA, To the Point created a series of videos that tell the stories of energy aware citizens, Local Motion shown here, The Energy of Youth featured on the home page, and others describing the event.
TRT: 7:41

A video series targeted to a range of audiences was created for the PowerCentsDC dynamic pricing pilot, including a case study, lessons learned about energy literacy, a consumer education piece, and this trailer  that features consumer participants.TRT: 2:56

energy-ecoThe Energy Ecosystem, sponsored by Capgemini, illustrates the utility vision for the Smart Grid for policy makers and other industry players.  TRT: 4:10

rethink-energyRethinking Energy, sponsored by Capgemini, presents National Grid US's vision and strategy to the general public and the Department of Energy. TRT: 6:39

electricity-futureThe Future of Electricity, was underwritten by Hydro One, Trilliant, Capgemini, GE Energy, and Motorola.  It tells the story of Hydro One's Smart Meter program as the first phase of a broader plan.  An industry-centric version was created for the EEI conference in 2008.  This consumer-centric version is used at public events and town meetings to proactively address ratepayer concerns.  TRT: 6:40


What is the Wireless Mesh?  explains how digital communications technology will change the analog power distribution network. TRT: 3:00

smart-gridWhat is the Smart Grid?, was created to help National Grid's employees come up to speed on the innovations in store for them and their customers. TRT:5:56

We are interested in featuring the work of other creative teams.  Please let us know about great examples that you find or create.