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"The utility should educate the consumer and tell the consumer what they can be doing and what the utility is doing to remedy the issue and conserve energy."

— L.S.T., Topsfield, MA

Lack of trust has been the major barrier to meaningful collaboration among the various stakeholder groups: regulators, utilities, vendors, consumer advocates, and consumers themselves. We practice the art of skillful moderation to design experiences where the participants can find mutual ground. We combine expertise in facilitation and human-centered design with an understanding of both the technical aspects of smart grid as well as the policy implications. The ability to ask the tough questions and make connections from seemingly disparate points of view adds value to the process and to the outcomes.


CE Workshop2013 Consumer Engagement Workshop

Seventy-five experts from utilities, technology and consulting companies, commissions, and trade groups gathered to discuss best practices and suggest opportunities for making energy use more meaningful to consumers. Organized by To the Point and sponsored by IEEE Power and Energy Society, the workshop opened the 2013 Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid National Town Meeting. Download the report that provides highlights from the afternoon and lists 12 guiding principles that leading utilities share. Or watch the video recap.



g2gGreen today, growth tomorrow Community Summit

Green today, growth tomorrow Community Summit was a two-day Appreciative Inquiry Summit led by Dr. David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve on behalf of National Grid and the City of Worcester, MA. To the Point was a key player on the steering committee, designing the momentum building communication campaign for the event, and moderating the innovation panel at the Summit. The initiative website and multiple videos created for and after the event may be found at www.green2growth.com. To the Point continues to work with local teams on various sustainability prototypes.


cw112011 ConnectivityWeek Consumer Symposium

At 2011 ConnectivityWeek, To the Point designed a Consumer Symposium where a mixed audience of stakeholders tackled several of the hot button issues facing the industry: privacy, health effects, dynamic pricing for low-income residents, and building a culture of listening. The video illustrates the process we use to allow small groups to creatively share ideas and insights and air their differences in a respectful manner. (view video) This video illustrates the experience and the report of the findings can be found on the ConnectivityWeek site.



gridweek20112011 GridWeek Consumer Symposium

At the 2011 GridWeek, another Consumer Symposium was organized. This time the participants brainstormed innovations in energy literacy, how smart grid technology could be used to protect vulnerable residents, and explored ways that low-income residents could become part of the economic upside of the smart energy economy. (view site)


smartmeterThe Clash of the Dynamic Pricing Titans:
Faruqui v Toney

A spirited debate on the pros, cons, and common ground for Smart Meter, Smart Grid and dynamic pricing deployment. Featuring Dr. Ahmad Faruqui of The Brattle Group and Dr. Mark Toney of TURN, the discussion is moderated by Judith Schwartz and documented by Dan Griffin. The Clash of the Dynamic Pricing Titans: Faruqui v Toney can be watched in its entirety. (view)


The more constructive conversations the better. To the Point builds long-term relationships with groups and individuals who are facilitating better dialogue.