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"The utility should educate the consumer and tell the consumer what they can be doing and what the utility is doing to remedy the issue and conserve energy."

— L.S.T., Topsfield, MA

Cross-stakeholder Conversations

Lack of trust has been the major barrier to meaningful collaboration among the various stakeholder groups: regulators, utilities, vendors, consumer advocates, and consumers themselves. We practice the art of skillful moderation to design experiences where the participants can find mutual ground. We combine expertise in facilitation and human-centered design with an understanding of both the technical aspects of smart grid as well as the policy implications. The ability to ask the tough questions and make connections from seemingly disparate points of view adds value to the process and to the outcomes.

To the Point specializes in analyzing complex technology eco-systems and synthesizing large quantities of disparate source material so topics can be readily understood and communicated from both expert and non-expert audience perspectives.