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"The utility should educate the consumer and tell the consumer what they can be doing and what the utility is doing to remedy the issue and conserve energy."

— L.S.T., Topsfield, MA




Working at the nexus of public policy, technology, communications, and business; To the Point brings an unusual perspective that crosses functional disciplines to cut to the heart of the problems and solutions.

Whether you engage us for a specific project or on retainer, we work with you as part of your team. We have a proven record of successful collaborations in several areas.

There is no shortage of extensive, in-depth research throughout the industry conducted by many accomplished and credible organizations. What To the Point brings to the table is an exceptional ability to synthesize and tease out the tangible insights that make research actionable.

Lack of trust has been the major barrier to meaningful collaboration among the various stakeholder groups: regulators, utilities, vendors, consumer advocates, and consumers themselves. We practice the art of skillful moderation to design experiences where the participants can find mutual ground. We combine expertise in facilitation and human-centered design with an understanding of both the technical aspects of smart grid as well as the policy implications. The ability to ask the tough questions and make connections from seemingly disparate points of view adds value to the process and to the outcomes.

Audiences respond better to credible data, statistics, and facts when there is an underlying thread, relevant stories, and clear messaging. To the Point specializes in defining distinct sub groups, analyzing material, and synthesizing everything into meaningful contexts that lead to greater understanding without overwhelming people with too much information too soon.


To the Point's principals have been innovators our entire careers. We have experience introducing the personal computer, the Internet, the digital home, new media forms, and many other disruptive technologies, solutions, and viral marketing techniques. We've learned that when trying something that has not been done before, creative solutions require imagination and prototyping. Then once you've received feedback from customers, it's easier to align organizations when there is a clear plan and framework.


To the Point specializes in analyzing complex technology eco-systems and synthesizing large quantities of disparate source material so topics can be readily understood and communicated from both expert and non-expert audience perspectives.