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"I think I heard something about the Smart Grid on the internet, but I'm not really sure what it is."

— R.D., Boston, MA

Here are handouts with tactics as well as links to other toolkits that expand upon the tactics.


Consumer Engagement Insights from Industry Experts (view video)
In case you missed the four hour Consumer Engagement Workshop (sponsored by IEEE PES) on July 9, 2013 in Washington DC, here’s a time and energy efficient video synopsis to bring you and your colleagues up to speed. Join 75 experts as we discuss the challenges and exchange proven best practices and innovations for smart grid education, energy literacy, and community involvement. The accompanying report includes 12 guiding principles to enable you to successfully engage your customer base.(view report)
(Cookies, networking, and cocktail reception for the National Town Meeting not included in the recap.)


IEEE Constructive Engagement Toolkit (view site)
This toolkit, prepared for the IEEE Power and Energy Society, digs down into the details of interacting with your various stakeholders and customers.


Integrated Marketing Campaign Tactics (view PDF)
This handout prepared for the AESP 2013 Spring Meeting provides checklists and specific tactics to simplify execution.


Voices of Experience Guide (view PDF)
To the Point was a member of the leadership team of the DOE Smart Grid Customer Education Working Group and a contributor to the Guide which examines guiding principles, experiences, and programs for customer engagement.