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"Give us something and we'll give it back. We'll give back to the environment. We'll give back to save energy."

— C.T., Miami, FL

ykYvonne Kerno, Web Development

Yvonne Kerno came to To the Point in 2011 bringing extensive experience in web development and design to the team. Equally proficient as a strategist and information architect, a project director, or as a graphic designer, she brings a harmonious mix of left and right brained approaches to each project.

Yvonne's career in marketing and design include over 25 years working in desktop publishing, direct marketing, communications and internet project development as well as in non-profit management. As founder and creative director of Enaria-Web and Print Communications, she has crafted the online presence for numerous clients focusing on defining and developing clear messaging and translating that into user centric sites where clean design promotes a solid framework of essential information. "To the Point knows that it is always more than just developing a website. Getting to the heart of the issue or business and determining the best messaging and structure to communicate that to a target audience is the goal." 

Yvonne's education included art studies in England, Italy and The US before earning a B.A. in Art History at Barnard College of Columbia University. She went on to four years of Post-graduate study in Paris, France with master printmaker Stanley William Hayter. She has lived and worked in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Untied States and is fluent in French.