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"Give us something and we'll give it back. We'll give back to the environment. We'll give back to save energy."

— C.T., Miami, FL

dan-griffin-webDan Griffin, Media Director

Dan Griffin has been part of the To the Point team for over 15 years. Dan brings the world of media to energy clients.  On the PowerCentsDC series he worked with the mix of regulators, consumer advocates, union members, utility executives as well as local energy customers that made the pilot so successful.  “Working with the customers in the DC metro area was very eye-opening.  They invited us into their homes to film.  It was very clear that they were deeply interested in how energy is produced and learning ways to manage their own use.”


When National Grid asked To the Point to be a part of the Green 2 Growth Summit Dan, Judith and the camera crews again went out to talk with community members.

“In Worcester, Mass. We found a hot bed on energy innovation.  Ranging from the high school that had installed its own ‘urbine turbine’ to a local businessman who had graduated from a solar powered carwash to a 1.5 acre solar farm.  The video we made for the local energy Summit made it clear that there is a demand for creative solutions to energy issues at the local level.”

Dan’s background in telling the stories of innovation of Silicon Valley as well as his series of films on ocean sustainability help him tell the stories of energy from multiple angles.  “To the Point is unique in that the team not only understands communication, it understands the issues at hand.” 

The energy sector is presenting an endless mix of fascinating stories.  Dan Griffin and his cameras are ready to help tell the stories of this quickly changing world.