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"Give us something and we'll give it back. We'll give back to the environment. We'll give back to save energy."

— C.T., Miami, FL

judithJudith Schwartz, President and founder

Judith Schwartz is all about action through collaboration: how to identify opportunities, strategize and plan, communicate and align. She began her consulting practice in 1987, initally specializing in systems consulting, organization alignment, and strategic marketing. She simultaneously served as President of Polar Spring Corporation, a start-up that invented a freeze crystallization technology for water purification. In the mid-nineties, To the Point's focus shifted to marketing communications and large scale web applications as Judith formed strong ties with a talented multi-disciplinary team.

Under her creative direction, this virtual agency, Raise the Bar, contributed to major innovations in online communities, publishing, and content management; as well as various forms of multimedia.

Since 2007, Judith has been on the forefront of sustainability issues, the Smart Grid, alternative energy, and the digital home.  Working at the nexus of public policy, technology, communications, and business; she brings an unusual perspective that crosses functional disciplines to cut to the heart of the problems and solutions.  To the Point has been building a viral stakeholder education program, Renewable Reality, with such utilities as SDG&E, Hydro One, National Grid, PG&E, leading scientists, analysts, and technology companies. A panelist at the FERC Technical Conference for the National Action Plan for Demand Response, Judith was the Strategic Communications Consultant to the NAPDR Coalition of Coalitions.

A regular speaker at industry conferences and webinars, she was asked by the SGCC to apply her broad understanding of stakeholder perspectives and consumer attitudes to the examination of the many research studies made available to the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative. That meta analysis, the 2011 State of the Consumer Report articulated an engagement roadmap for the industry that continues to be relevant today.  She works with industry groups such as the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid, IEEE Power and Energy Society, and the Institute for Energy Efficiency and the Department of Energy Smart Grid Customer Engagement Working Group.

At Apple Computer in the early 80‘s Judith played a variety of roles in disruptive offerings such as the global adoption of the personal computer and enterprise IT initiatives such as ERP, CRM, and data warehousing.  She co-founded Polar Spring, a developer of an innovative freeze crystallization water purification technology that was ahead of its time.  An Internet pioneer in the 90’s, she designed a world-wide integrated marketing campaign for Novell’s Smart Global Network and breakthrough online communities and interactive web-based tools for SGI and Sun.  The next decade included work on such initiatives as social marketing for public-private partnerships, Internet search, cybersecurity, cluster supercomputing, and the digital home.

A high-energy entrepreneur with a fine arts degree from Cornell University's School of Architecture, Art, and Planning, she applies a visual mindset, astute business acumen, and a facility for clear communication to high tech marketing.